• Stacey

Youth Day workshop - Living life in balance through the medicine wheel

-exploring the four quadrants of the medicine wheel
-creating real life activities that support each quadrant
-traditional earth medicine
-finding our BLISS

  • Nancy Illman

Youth Day Workshop - Energy Enlightenment

When not in balance energies can cause us to be unfocused, have anxiety, stress, and depression, amongst many other things. During this interactive workshop we will discuss energy, how it affects us, and how to stay balanced.

  • Laura Bennett

Youth Day Workshop - Exercise Your Imagination- Entertain Your Brain

Come and have a chance to talk, play, move, dance, act, sing, and be silly in a safe environment. Allow your creativity and energy to flow in a way that day to day life does not allow. We’ll dance like no one is watching, play make-believe, laugh, and be downright silly.

This workshop includes improv, story-telling, sound work, and movement exercises. We will be putting together some songs, skits, and cheers for the campfire entertainment.

  • Shawna Angelski

Youth Day Workshop - Crafting Fairy Homes

This is a creative class where everyone can build their own little house or work together with a couple of others to make a larger house. Build some cute miniature homes for fairies, birds and maybe a few toads too.
Lots of supplies will be provided and we will take a short nature walk as well to gather some more personal treasures to add to your project. Feel free to bring little items you think will work - such as bottle caps, buttons, little rocks or gems, plastic pieces, feathers, costume jewelry, sea shells or fake flowers.

Hot glue guns will be used, so please be safe.

Please email info@svwfest.com to register for Youth Day. There are no charges involved we need numbers for organizing the events. Thank You.


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