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The SVW Festival (Salmon Valley Woman's Festival) has completed it's journey. After 8 successful years, effecting so many lives and bringing women together for healing, growing,self-care, learning,and teaching. It's life has come to an end. When a rock drops into the water it causes ripples that we are not even aware of.

I want to thank all of those amazing women who supported me and the festival all those years. Amazing vendors that came as sisters year after year Kate Topaz, Chari,Born a Gypsy Jewelry, Teresa Cavanaugh, Teresa from Just-for-you soaps to mention a few, love you ladies. All the facilitators who put in endless time and energy to help all of us year after year, Sheri Bishop and Tammy Skomorowski, Brenda Bye, Louise Browne,Laura Bennett, Si Transken to name a few. The fabulous Healing touch ladies, amazing volunteers.Of course the talented Joyce from Hounsel catering who never let us down and fed us amazing food year after year.My great friend and web master Kristy Knowlan who listened to me while I laughed, cried and sometimes stomped my feet. Susan Grattan our devoted Gate Goddess, who never let anyone "slip in" that wasn't allowed! Nancy Illman who spent hours decorating our event and facilitating for years as well as healing. I know I have missed some important names and please know that you are appreciated and thought of respectfully. I would have never had success without your love and support. May all of your futures grow and may you all be BIG in our world. I have enjoyed this earth walk with all of you!

I am not sure where my next chapter will go but be assured it will be something new and challenging. I am a deer woman and I must leap on. The torch has been handed over and a new journey has begun. There is a new festival headed off by Shawna Angelski called Northern Women's Festival, I trust that the new festival will carry some lovely old energy from SVW Festival plus add some of it's own flair and creativity. Good Luck in your 1st Annual festival! check it out!!!

Love and Light Robyn Stoy With sincere love flowing out from a full huge heart


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